Botany Dictionary Offline, Learn Basics of Plants

Know your plants with lots of Botanical Terms, images and numerous quizzes.


With more than 2500 Botanical Terms and their meanings, this Offline Botany Learning App is here to increase your botanical knowledge. For quick learning, this Botany Study Guide has lots of pictorial representation of Botany Terms verified by botanists. This pocket Botany Study & Plants Dictionary App is full of Facts with picture-based Quiz to keep you glued to this Botany & Plants Study App.

Offline Botany Plants Dictionary App is divided into 11 categories:-

• Morphology
• Plant Anatomy & Genetics
• Aestivation
• Phenology,
• Plant Taxonomy & nomenclature
• Plant Biochemistry
• Environment Botany
• Arboriculture
• Organismal Botany
• Agronomy
• Miscellaneous

Main Features of this Botany Study Guide are:-

• Quiz - Play games with pictures of plants and many more.
• Contribute - If you think something’s amiss, contribute it!
• Autoplay - Listen to all the Botanical Terms and its meaning.
• EduBank℠ - Add those terms which you might encounter frequently here.

Easy to navigate, simple to find terms and fun to learn from. Install this Botany Learning App today!

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